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What do we do?

We organise various events to provide members with events that each have their own set of objectives to cater to the members' and community's needs and interests. We also liaise and participate in events conducted by Muslim groups from other tertiary institutions to provide support and form a rapport with other brothers and sisters of Islam.

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Rahmatullah Pillars Muslim Students

We are a student initiated organisation that aims to provide a safe space for Muslim students in Republic Polytechnic to build strong bonds and help one another in pleasing Allah S.W.T.

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If RPMS is considered an Interest Group, why is it not found on RP's Powerapp?

We are a solely student-initiated organisation, which means that we are not officially under Republic Polytechnic.

Does that mean that my contributions to RPMS are done in vain?

Definitely not! Even though your contributions will not be recorded officially in your testimony, since many of our events are community based, you may include them in you award applications which will provide your write-up with a boost and increase your chances insyaAllah. 

For many of us, the sincerity and satisfaction we feel from the planning to the execution of the events are more than enough to help us keep going!

What if I'm interested but am not willing/ able to commit so much time and effort into the group?

You may still sign up under RPMS Family, where you will be added into a Whatsapp group and receive updates on any upcoming events, which are not compulsory to attend! 

From there, if you are interested in any of the events mentioned, you are free to sign up and participate. 

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